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  • If you have landed here searching how to switch off auto formatting of code files in Visual Studio, you are either a code purist who does not like the formatting the IDE is performing or you are like me editing a large auto-generated class file (due to unfortunate situations) and Visual studio hangs or crashes on you every time you do a small change. The good news is there is an option in the IDE to switch feature off.
    Microsoft Visual Studio Visual Studio 2019 VB.Net Created Wed, 17 Feb 2021 08:51:19 +1100
  • Problem We all have seen and annoyed seeing those google ads or facebook ads on websites and apps. Mostly of the times the ads over takes the actual content of the website, especially on those forums. Ads also shows up on free email services, apps on your phones, smart tv, they are everywhere. More than annoyance, they eat up a lot of bandwidth and ofter makes the website/apps slower to respond.
  • Problem While blogger is an amazing platform for hosting your blog, with perks of easy linking custom domains and google analytics integration, the main issue is with styling/rendering of your website and most of all blogger “owns” the content and if its decides it can just take it out or make parts paid. I had bitter experience with another hosting platform, where my account was in-accessible and had to spend hours writing to customer support with little support from them .
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  • Introduction After attempting the .Net tutorial on deploying a simple WebAPI based microservice to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), wanted a better way to represent my infrastructure than the YAML.xml file. This was partly because of me being novice in YAML format and partly to have a way to abstract the infrastructure in order to make it repeatable and it should be not just confined to AKS. The first solution to this problem was to use a framework like Terraform to define my infrastructure as code.
    c# pulumi infra as code Kubernetes YML Created Sun, 26 Jul 2020 18:52:19 +1100
  • Problem Businesses run on multiple applications and services, how well the business runs is often impacted on how efficiently data is distributed to the correct task. Automating this flow of data is a way to streamline the business. The problem here is to choose the right technology for this data integration and process automation. Objective This article is describing the azure technologies that are available during time of writing to solve the business need.
  • Step 1 Publish the Blazor WebAssembly project Publish the project from Visual Studio,this ensures that the projects is linked which removes all the unwanted dependencies from the output, reducing the size of the assemblies created. Step 2 Create a dockerfile The docker file is very straightforward, pull the nginx image and copy the published Blazor WebAssembly file from the WWWRoot folder to the html folder in nginx FROM nginx:alpine EXPOSE 80 COPY bin/Release/netcoreapp3.
    blazor WASM .Net Docker nginx Created Thu, 11 Jun 2020 18:52:19 +1100
  • Background My WebAssembly project has now been configured to be a PWA (refer the previous article in series). It time to introduce hosting. Since the WebAssembly project handles the client side, I want it to be unchanged but be hosted it in a project that can be used as backend for the UI, hence chose WebAPI. The Changes Create a new solution and add the already created Blazor WebAssembly project Add a new ASPNet core web project and choose WebAPI template and call it the .
    blazor WASM .Net WebAPI c# Created Tue, 09 Jun 2020 18:52:19 +1100
  • Lets get started with an existing Blazor WebAssembly project I already have a Blazor WebAssembly project created implementing Angular Tour of heros application. You can find the project in my GitHub repository here Repo: Branch: Release Next step is making this into PWA As with any web application, adding PWA capabilities to Blazor follows the web standard process of adding a manifest json file and the service workers js file.
    blazor WASM .Net PWA c# Created Thu, 04 Jun 2020 18:52:19 +1100
  • Blazor Web-Assembly Project This starts from my Blazor Web-Assembly project that I create as a replica of the Angular TourOfHeros tutorial. The source code of project is in GitHub This is an attempt to convert the existing project to a Blazor server app with few changes to the wiring up and hosting configuration. Since this article is written with a pre-release version of Blazor Web-Assembly, there could be changes to the steps after the actual release expected in May 2020.
    blazor WASM .Net Blazore Server c# Created Sat, 25 Apr 2020 18:52:19 +1100
  • an attempt to create tour of heroes' using Blazor preface WebAssembly is an exciting piece of software, along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript WebAssembly (or WASM) is the fourth language that modern browsers can run natively, WASM is run in the browser in the same security sandbox as the JavaScript frameworks run. WASM also lets you invoke JavaScript and vice versa, making it coexist with JavaScript, More on WebAssembly here: https://webassembly.
    blazor WASM .Net c# Created Sun, 12 Jan 2020 18:52:19 +1100