Blazor meets nginx

Step 1 Publish the Blazor WebAssembly project

Publish the project from Visual Studio,this ensures that the projects is linked which removes all the unwanted dependencies from the output, reducing the size of the assemblies created.

Step 2 Create a dockerfile

The docker file is very straightforward, pull the nginx image and copy the published Blazor WebAssembly file from the WWWRoot folder to the html folder in nginx

FROM nginx:alpine
COPY bin/Release/netcoreapp3.1/publish/wwwroot /usr/share/nginx/html

Step 3 Build the docker image

use the below command

docker build --tag blazorstatic . 

Step 4 Run the docker container

Run the docker container mapping the port exposed from the container to a port on the host

 docker run -p 8080:80 blazorstatic   

Step 5 Access the Blazor WebApp from browser

Access the URL https://localhost:8080 which loads the WebApp Alt Text

Source code for both ASPNet hosting and Static Website Hosting is available in Github: Branch: Perf